[postgis-users] Attribute table with coordinates

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu May 11 05:52:26 PDT 2023

You should add a PostGIS geometry or geography column as follows

ALTER TABLE name_of_your_table ADD COLUMN geog geography(POINT,4326);

UPDATE name_of_your_table SET geog = ST_SetSRID(ST_Point(X, Y),4326)::geography;

CREATE INDEX ix_name_of_your_table_geog ON name_of_your_table USING gist(geog);

Then you should see this table appear as a layer option in QGIS

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> I have a attribute table with X, Y coordinates in a  Postgres database.
> I’m able to read this database and table in Qgis using Postgis extension, but I
> don’t know how use the table such a layer.
> I would use the table such as I use a CSV file in Qgis. Is it possible?
> Thank you
> Gabriele
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