[postgis-users] How to migrate to new server when PostGIS generations differ

Troels Arvin troels at arvin.dk
Sun Nov 12 08:51:08 PST 2023


Christophe Pettus wrote:
> You usually have to follow a process of first, upgrading PostGIS to the highest version that your current version of PostgreSQL supports, then upgrading PostgreSQL to the highest version that supports that particular version of PostGIS, and repeating the cycle until you reach the PostgreSQL / PostGIS combination you want.

OK, that sounds like I may need to plan with more downtime. But then 
again: If I can verify, that no code is using the aggregates/types which 
pg_restore complains about (such as the public.accum aggregate), 
shouldn't it be OK to pg_dump->pg_restore directly to the newer 


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