[postgis-users] generate a geometry column of random point, line and polygon

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For this are you needing to generate random points from a line or polygon or are you trying to generate random polygons, lines, and points?


If you need to generate random points from a polygon:


Use ST_GeneratePoints:  https://postgis.net/docs/en/ST_GeneratePoints.html

Note there is a option seed argument, that will give you the same exact answer if you give it the same seed, but without that the generated points will be different each time.


As I recall, ST_GeneratePoints only works with areals so won’t work with a line, however you can buffer a line very thinly to do the same. Use a flat buffer:




SELECT ST_GeneratePoints(ST_Buffer(


  'LINESTRING(50 50,150 150,150 50)'

), 0.5, 'endcap=square join=round'), 1000);



If you want to generate random polygons, you could use ST_ConcaveHull or ST_AlphaShape around the section of a polygon you did a ST_GeneratePoints on


And then use something like https://postgis.net/docs/en/ST_Subdivide.html to chop up the polygons.


To get a linestring out of that (It will be closed), you can take the boundary of any of the above




Hope that helps,



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Is a simple way to do this?





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