[postgis-users] JSONC compilation issues (Regina Obe)

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Sep 21 18:48:22 PDT 2023

I use environment variables too, I’m just saying stuff it in a PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable instead.  That is the more modern way of doing things and things like PROJ (the proj-dir is deprecated) not even sure it works anymore.  So I stuff PROJ in my PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable as I do SQLite etc.


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Environment variables are a great way to build things.
I used json-c version=0.13 in the past, using --with-jsondir and had no compilation failures.
But after I upgraded to json-c=0.15, the folder changed and became lib64.
I tried to compile json-c-0.13, 0.14, and 0.15, and found that only 0.13 is lib, and the others are lib64.
Summary, json-c-0.14>=lib64.

Wang Dapeng

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