[PROJ] Motion: Accept RFC4 (PROJ JNI Overhaul)

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Jul 17 02:15:25 PDT 2019


I vote +0

- I'm supportive of having rejuvenated Java bindings.
- I won't likely be a user / contributor to them myself.
- I've some doubts that having them in OSGeo/PROJ repo is the best thing, but 
as the RFC mentions the use of only public PROJ C or C++ API, it could be 
possible to exfiltrate them if needed.

Ah, the RFC doesn't mention licensing consideration. I assume the code will be 
under the PROJ X/MIT license ? At least, the native part, especially if it is 
bundled into libproj.

Other nitpicking detail. The RFC currently mentions: "The PROJ Java Native 
Interface exposes the ``proj_api.h`". This is not actually true. src/
jniproj.cpp includes proj_internal.h and uses functions that were part of 
former projects.h


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