[PROJ] Reviews requested: On GDA2020, PROJ 6 and QGIS

Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
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I think you've wrapped up you experiences very nicely. In fact, I think what you've
written is a great introduction to the intricacies of using the PROJ API. With a bit of
modification it could serve as a chapter in the API documentation, if you'd be
willing to let use it, that is :-)

As you've seen, I have suggested a few changes and commented on some minor
details. All in all it is a very well-written document that explains nicely what you
have learned in the process of adopting the new PROJ API into QGIS. Good job!


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Hi list!

I recently spent some time writing up my experiences with porting QGIS
to proj 6, and the lessons learnt and recommendations for other
applications which want to port to proj 6 OR (more specifically)
ensure that they correctly handle the Australian/GDA2020 use case.

If I can push my luck and ask anything more of this community -- I'd
love some peer reviews of this document!

When it's finalised, we'll be distributing it widely as our
recommendations for handling this situation, and likely presenting on
it at conferences such as FOSS4G Oceania.

A draft copy is available for review at:

Many thanks in advance!
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