[PROJ] Conversion from Tanzanian ARC1960 to WGS84

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Sat Jun 1 11:56:51 PDT 2019


I would like to get possibility to convert
programmatically from ARC1960 how it is used in
Tanzania, to WGS84.

I did read this file:

and this thread:

And I am still not getting right result.

I have got the coordinate -1.47927 34.56933 from
GEOTRANS software. And I have compared it to the
Tanzanian mining cadastre, it is apparently the

However, I am not achieving with the below
conversion to obtain accurate coordinate.

Please help me if you can, so that I find permanet
solution, as it affects very many people who live
in Tanzania.


operation	+proj=molodensky +ellps=clrk80 +da=-112.145 +df=-0.54750714e-4 +dx=-175 +dy=-23 +dz=-303
tolerance	2 m

accept		-1.47666 34.56861
expect		-1.47927 34.56933



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