[PROJ] PROJ 7.2.1RC1 and PROJ-data 1.4RC1

Kristian Evers kristianevers at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 11:19:27 PST 2020


I have prepared release candidates for PROJ 7.2.1 and PROJ-data 1.4. Links below.

The PROJ release candidate includes a few updates to the database contents as well as a bunch
of bug fixes. See the release notes below.
The PROJ-data release candidate includes two new grid files, au_ga_AGQG_20191107.tif
and eu_nkg_nkgrf2017vel.tif, that are used in new transformations added to PROJ.

Download the two release candidates here:



As usual everyone who uses PROJ is encouraged to try out the release candidates and report
back their experiences either here on the mailing list or in the issue tracker on GitHub.



7.2.1 Release Notes


 o Add metadata with the version number of the database layout (#2474)

 o Split coordinateoperation.cpp and test_operation.cpp in several parts (#2484)

 o Update to EPSG v10.008 (#2490)

 o Added the NKG 2008 and 2020 transformations in proj.db (#2495)

 Bug fixes

 o Set CURL_ENABLED definition on projinfo build (#2405)

 o createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible(): make it return same result with a CRS
   built from EPSG code or WKT1 (#2412)

 o WKT2 parsing: several fixes related to map projection parameter units (#2428)

 o createOperation(): make it work properly when one of the CRS is a BoundCRS of
   a DerivedGeographicCRS (+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=lonlat +towgs84=....) (#2441)

 o WKT parsing: fix ingestion of WKT with a Geocentric CRS as the base of the
   projected CRS (#2443)

   make it work when comparing easting,northing,up and northing,easting,up (#2446)

 o createOperation(): add a ballpark vertical transformation when dealing
   with GEOIDMODEL[] (#2449)

 o Use same arguments to printf format string for both radians and degrees in
   output by cct (#2453)

 o PRIMEM WKT handling: fixes on import for 'sexagesimal DMS' or from WKT1:GDAL/ESRI
   when GEOGCS UNIT != Degree; morph to ESRI the PRIMEM name on export (#2455)

 o createObjectsFromName(): in exact match, make looking for 'ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N'
   return only the exact match (#2462)

 o Inverse tmerc spherical: fix wrong sign of latitude when lat_0 is used (#2469)

 o Add option to allow export of Geographic/Projected 3D CRS in WKT1_GDAL (#2470)

 o Fix building proj.db with SQLite built with -DSQLITE_DQS=0 (#2480)

 o Include JSON Schema files in CMake builds (#2485)

 o createOperations(): fix inconsistent chaining exception when transforming from BoundCRS of projected CRS based on NTF Paris to BoundCRS of geog CRS NTF Paris (#2486)

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