[PROJ] PROJ 8.0.1 and PROJ-data 1.6

Kristian Evers kristianevers at gmail.com
Wed May 5 03:29:29 PDT 2021

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the
release of PROJ 8.0.1 and PROJ-data 1.6.

The packages are available from 




The PROJ release includes a number of bug fixes and updates to the
transformation database (see details below). The data package is
extended with grids and tinshift files for Norwegian transformations
and the Swiss CHGeo2004 geoid model.



8.0.1 Release Notes


o Database: update to EPSG v10.018 (#2636)

o Add transformations for CHGeo2004, Swiss geoid model (#2604)

o Additions to the norwegian NKG2020 transformation (#2600)

Bug fixes

o pj_vlog(): fix buffer overflow in case of super lengthy error message (#2693)

o Revert "proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj(): do not use PROJ_SPATIAL_CRITERION_PARTIAL_INTERSECTION if area is specified" (#2679)

o UTM: error out when value of +zone= is not an integer (#2672)

o getCRSInfoList(): make result order deterministic (by increasing auth_name,
  code) (#2661)

o createOperation(): make sure no to discard deprecated operations if the
  replacement uses an unknow grid (#2623)

o Fix build on Solaris 11.4 (#2621)

o Add mapping of ESRI Equal_Area projection method to EPSG (#2612)

o Fix incorrect EPGS extent code for EPSG:7789>EPSG:4976 NKG transformation (#2599)

o fix wrong capitalization of CHENyx06_ETRS.gsb (#2597)

o createOperations(): improve handling of vertical transforms when
  when compound CRSs are used (#2592)

o CRS::promoteTo3D(): propagate the extent from the 2D CRS (#2589)

o createFromCRSCodesWithIntermediates(): improve performance when there is
  no match (#2583)

o Fix proj_clone() to work on 'meta' coordinate operation PJ* objects that
  can be returned by proj_create_crs_to_crs() (#2582)

  PROJ_AT_LEAST_VERSION macros (#2581)

o Make proj_lp_dist() and proj_geod() work on a PJ* CRS object (#2570)

o Fix gcc 11 -Wnonnull compilation warnings (#2559)

o Fix use of uninitialized memory in gie tests (#2558)

o createOperations(): fix incorrect height transformation between 3D promoted RGF93 and CH1903+ (#2555)

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