[PROJ] PROJ 8.2.0 and PROJ-data 1.8

Kristian Evers kristianevers at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 10:44:56 PDT 2021


On behalf of the PROJ team it is my please to announce the release of PROJ 8.2.0 and PROJ-data 1.8.

The PROJ release includes a number of new features and bug fixes. See the release notes
below. The packaged files can be downloaded via the following links:


The PROJ-data release adds two new grid files:

- SAGEOID2010, South African geoid
- GGM10, Mexican geoid model

and can be downloaded here:


Note that RFC 7 has recently been adopted which means that the 8.2 branch will be the last
to offer the option of building PROJ with autotools. From version 9.0.0 CMake
builds will be the only option. We encourage everyone to start adapting their build
workflows accordingly.


8.2.0 Release Notes


From PROJ 9.0.0 and onwards CMake will be the only build system bundled
with the PROJ package. As a consequence support for Autotools builds will
stop when the 8.2 branch of PROJ reaches end of life. We encourage
everyone to adjust their build workflows as soon as possible and report
any discrepancies discovered between Autotools and CMake builds.

Details about the build system unification can be found in PROJ RFC 7.


o Added the S2 projection (#2749)

o Added support for Degree Sign on input (#2791)

o ESRI WKT: add support for import/export of (non interrupted)
  Goode Homolosine (#2827)

o Make filemanager aware of UWP Win32 API (#2831)

o Add proj_create_conversion_pole_rotation_netcdf_cf_convention() to
  address netCDF datasets using a pole rotation method (#2835)

o Emit better debug message when a grid isn't found (#2838)

o Add support for GeodeticCRS using a Spherical planetocentric
  coordinate system (#2847)

o PROJJSON: support additional properties allowed in id object (version,
  authority_citation, uri) for parity with WKT2:2019 (#2850)

o Database layout modified to include "anchor" field to geodetic_datum and
  vertical_datum tables, consequently database layout version is increased
  to 1.2 (#2859)

o proj_factors(): accept P to be a projected CRS (#2868)

o Add IAU_2015 CRS definitions (#2876)

o CRS::extractGeodeticCRS(): implement for DerivedProjectedCRS (#2877)

o Added proj_trans_bounds() (#2882)

o CMake: add a BUILD_APPS to be able to disable build of all applications (#2895)

o CMake: generate invproj/invgeod binaries (symlinks on Unix, copy otherwise)

o CMake build: add generate_wkt1_parser and generate_wkt2_parser manual
  target, and logic to detect when they must be run (#2900)

o Add fallback strategy for tinshift transform to use closest triangle for
  points not in any (#2907)

o Database: update to EPSG v10.038 (#2910)

o CMake: revise handling of symbol export and static builds (#2912)

Bug fixes

o Fix O(n^2) performance patterns where n is the number of steps of
  a pipeline (#2820)

o Detect ESRI WKT better in certain circumstances (#2823)

o Fix performance issue on pipeline instanciation of huge (broken)
  pipelines (#2824)

o Make sure to re-order projection parameters according to their canonical
  order if needed (#2842)

o Fix database access across fork() when SQLite3 doesn't use pread[64]() (#2845)

o Fix error in implementation of Inverse ellipsoidal orthographic projection
  that cause convergence to sometimes fail (#2853)

o Fix handling of edge-case coordinates in invers ortho ellipsoidal
  oblique (#2855)

o proj_normalize_for_visualization(): set input and output units when there
  are several alternative transformations (#2867)

o CRS::identify(): fix ignoring CS order when identifying a geodetic CRS
  by a PROJ string with just the ellipsoid (#2881)

o Fix CRS Equality with PROJ parameter order (#2887)

o WKT concatenated operation parsing: fix when a axis order reversal conversion
  is the first or last operation (#2891)

o WKT1 parser: recognize Lambert_Conformal_Conic as projection name for
  LCC 1SP or 2SP (#2893)

o CMake: Always build gie if testing is requested (#2899)

o Geographic 3D CRS: allow to export to WKT1:ESRI if only the GEOGCS is known
  (and thus extrapolating a VERTCS) (#2902)

o lib_proj.cmake: add a PROJ::proj alias and add BUILD_INTERFACE include
  directories, so that proj can be used as a subdirectory of a larger
  project (#2913)

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