[pycsw-devel] intention of xml db field and usage of profile's xpath

Sophie Herrmann Sophie.Herrmann at eodc.eu
Tue Feb 13 02:01:09 PST 2018

Dear pycsw team,

I just started working with pycsw and found two things I don't fully understand.

I saw that the DB has a field 'xml' which is not nullable. At first I thought I need to create a xml, store all the metadatainformtion in this xml and save it into this column. But this doesn't really make sense for me because then the whole information is stored twice in the same DB record.

So my question is, what 's the intention of this field, do I need to create such a xml?

The second question is somehow related. I am currently extending your metadata profile to make additional fields queryable. Using this explaination

https://gist.github.com/tomkralidis/ddf5ea8b08ae90df592863cf065bd35f I was able to add new custom fields and also query them. I didn't set any xpath but everything still seems to work as expected.

When do I need to set the xpath and to which xml file does it belong?

Thanks a lot for your help and time!

Best regards,


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