[Qgis-community-team] Problem changing a shapefile's coordinates

giannis Nj netsagief at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 05:52:55 EDT 2011


I have a .tiff file and a .shp one, showing the same area in the map but they come in different coordinates. From the Properties of these files I give them the same projection (4326 - WGS84), same as the project properties, but still they don't match. Actually, the coordinates of the shapefile remain the same (different from the project's), something that I thought would change by changing the CRS. I guess it's not that simple to change the coordinates in a file, so i would like to ask how it is possible to manage this so that the two files will come in the same coordinates. Is something in the settings that i forget to do? Is this able in QGIS or i have to try on another GIS program?

Thank you.
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