[Qgis-developer] gdal with gml support (windows)

godofredo contreras frdcn at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:06:37 EST 2006

Finally (after a week) I have built gdal/ogr with gml support in Windows, here is a summary of what I got
in the compilation process:
1.-First of all, when using xerces-c 2.7 every program using gdal library crash during
starting time.
2.-Versions below 2.6 of xerces-c does not compile in mingw.
4.- When building gdal/ogr with xerces support I got this error:
iom_utilities.cpp:57: error: `void _searchenv(const char*, const char*, char*)' was declared `extern' and later `static'
_searchenv is a function provided by the MSVC library that finds
files which may be anywhere along a path which appears in an
environment variable.
but it seems like that function was already defined in xerces, so I commented the function in iom_utilities.cpp.
After that gdal was built with no problems, should I report this issue to gdal team?
Libraries and apps are available here:
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