[Qgis-developer] qgis 0.8pre2 on suse10.2

Otto Dassau otto.dassau at gmx.de
Tue Dec 19 15:14:26 EST 2006


I try to compile qgis pre2 on an opensuse 10.2 with qt4.2.1. QGIS doesn't
find the header files like qglobal.h under /usr/lib/qt4/include. They don't
exist and I don't know what further packages I need to install, because I
thinkt I already installed all qt4 rpms that come with the distribution.

Under download.qgis.org/qgis/ there is already a
qgis-0.8.0_preview-1_no_grass.i586.rpm for suse 10. Was this package built using
qt4 from suse or using compiled qt4 sources? 

Maybe someone knows a trick how to build the preview2 under suse 10.

thanks a lot

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