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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
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On 12/29/06, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it> wrote:
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> Your position may be correct, but:
> - - the "Must fix" label does not have meaning in this context - please
> remove it from the trac
> - - at least critical bugs should be fixed, otherwise what is the meaning
> of "critical"?
> - - what is the position of the release team about maintaining 0.8? I
> imagine most developer will move to the (much more exciting) 0.9 svn,
> and bugs in 0.8 may simply stay as such until 0.9 release (hopefully
> much faster than the current one, BTW!).

We will carry out bug fix releases in 0.8.1 etc. Releasing now will
free up developers to carry on with their work. I think its time to
follow the 'release early, release often' mantra which we have clearly
lost sight of in the pursuit of making a 'perfect' release.

Regarding the professional environment argument yes this is a concern
but in any normal case IT managers will evaluate new software and
decide whether they are happy to deploy in their environment. How many
businesses are using Internet Explorer 7.0 already? I think very few -
they wait for a few point releases and when they are happy with the
product they deploy it.

Lets get our momentum back, lets get back to having frequent releases
and stop being so concerned with version numbers. As soon as the
issues in the queue are resolved we can do 0.8.1 - even if its only a
few weeks. Lets get back to being a developer friendly environment
where people are able to make contributions again with out being stuck
in perpetual code freeze.


> QGIS is already used in a variety of professional environments, and
> these are delicate issues, as you can realize.
> All the best.
> pc
> Martin Dobias ha scritto:
> > This is always a hard decision when to release a 'stable' version.
> > IMHO current SVN trunk is much more stable than 0.7 release, because
> > also many bugs have been fixed that were present there.
> >
> > Also waiting one or more weeks doesn't make much sense for me - I
> > guess there might be new bugs to squash and the same scenario might
> > repeat. I don't see anything incorrect in releasing now: every piece
> > of software has its bugs, most of the software is being released also
> > in case it still has known issues.
> >
> > Martin
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