[Qgis-developer] Qgis 0.8.0 packages needed

Gary Sherman sherman at mrcc.com
Sat Dec 30 01:15:55 EST 2006

On Dec 29, 2006, at 8:57 PM, William Kyngesburye wrote:

> The tarball seems to be damaged.  Direct download is 7.7 MB, and  
> both StuffIt Expander and Apple BOMArchiver don't get past the un- 
> gzipping.
> There are no seeds yet for the torrent, so I can't try that, but  
> the size it reports is 7.08 MB.
Yes, the upload was corrupted. I'm uploading a new tarball now.

> On Dec 29, 2006, at 9:59 PM, Gary Sherman wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Version 0.8.0 has been tagged/branched in subversion and the  
>> source release is available at http://download.qgis.org. We now  
>> need packages for various platforms.  We will upload all packages  
>> to download.qgis.org as the primary site but they can also reside  
>> elsewhere for users to download.
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