[Qgis-developer] Windows native GRASS build

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Dec 31 22:45:49 EST 2006

Happy new year all!

For those of you following the GRASS on windows efforts with QGIS, I
have now got GRASS building with all but about 20 modules under
msys/windows. I havent compiled in postgresql support yet.. GRASS
attribute viewing and man page viewing are now working under windows
qgis for me. There are two small issues remaining that I noticed (and
maybe more that others will notice):

1) Every time a layer is added a black console box temporarily appears
and then disappears.
2) When clicking on a tool inthe GRASS toolbox, I get a message like:
   "Warning: cannot find key output"
3) Are any of the unbuilt modules listed below particularly vital to
have in the QGIS 0.8 binary installer for windows?

I will upload a binary for testing tonight or tomorrow.

I compiled with the following options:

./configure --build=i686-pc-mingw32 \
            --with-jpeg-libs=/bin \
            --with-libs=/local/lib/ \
            --with-png-libs=/bin \
            --with-fftw-libs=/local/lib \
            --with-fftw-includes=/local/include \
            --with-includes=/local/include \
            --with-includes=/include \
            --with-tcltk=no \
            --with-postgres=no \

And the end of make report looks like this:

GRASS GIS compilation log
Started compilation: Sun Dec 31 20:15:24 CST 2006
Errors in:

Finished compilation: Sun Dec 31 20:47:48 CST 2006
(In case of errors please change into the directory with error and run 'make')
make: *** [default] Error 1

Tim Sutton

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