[Qgis-developer] Cmake cannot find FLEX problem building 6878

Mark Coletti mcoletti at lychnobite.org
Fri Apr 6 17:00:58 EDT 2007

Yes, I live, and am once again poking round Qgis.  8-)

I'm interested in getting the python bindings to work.  I understand,
perhaps incorrectly, that the 0_8_0 branch supports python bindings.
So, switched to that branch, configured via ccmake, and now get this

mcoletti at mcolettib886:~/projects/qgis> cmake .
CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
INCLUDE Could not find include file: Flex
Current CMake stack: /home/mcoletti/projects/qgis/CMakeLists.txt;/usr/local/share/cmake-2.4/Modules/CMakeCInformation.cmake;/usr/local/share/cmake-2.4/Modules/CMakeCXXInformation.cmake;/home/mcoletti/projects/qgis/Flex
CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
Unknown CMake command "FIND_FLEX".
-- Configuring done

I didn't get this error under the main trunk.  What am I doing wrong?
I'm new to cmake, so I may have screwed up something during its



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