[Qgis-developer] CMake and python build now happy

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 08:22:45 EDT 2007

On 4/11/07, Mark Coletti <mcoletti at lychnobite.org> wrote:
> I've discovered the cause of my build problem -- I had set the CMake
> LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH to $HOME/lib, so all generated libraries were
> being placed there instead of within the build directory hierarchy.
> This is why make couldn't find the libraries.  qgis HEAD now builds
> and runs properly.  (Including finding all plug-ins and icon files.
> Huzzah!  Looks spiffy, too.  Now to play with the python bindings.
> *squee*)

Ouch! I think noone before tried to change that variable :-)

> [...]
> So there are two choices here:
> 1) Hide LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH from user configuration since it's use
>    _will_ break builds.  I understand, perhaps mistakenly, that this
>    is possible based on previous correspondence.  Essentially follow
>    Scott Meyers' principle of making it impossible for a tool to be
>    improperly used.
> 2) Keep it, but document it what it is for and possible use scenarios
>    (e.g., maybe installing library binaries for different binary
>    platforms); ensure that its settings are propagated properly
>    throughout build process so that the correct modified library
>    locations are used instead of defaults.

I've decided for option 1 - commited in r6883. Toggling a variable as
advanced (thus hidden by default) should be a good warning for average
user. In fact I don't know what is benefit of this variable
(LIBRARY_OUTPUT_FILE). I've hidden also that temporary LIB_PATH
variable so users should ever hit these ones.

> And now off to learn more about the (hopefully happy) marriage of qgis
> and python.

Good luck :-)


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