[Qgis-developer] HEAD fails to compile

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Fri Apr 13 16:02:57 EDT 2007

Gary Sherman wrote:
> Has there been a change in the GEOS dependency?
> /home/gsherman/development/qgis_09/src/core/qgsgeometry.cpp: In static 
> member function 'static QgsGeometry* QgsGeometry::fromPolyline(const 
> QgsPolyline&)':
> /home/gsherman/development/qgis_09/src/core/qgsgeometry.cpp:91: error: 
> no matching function for call to 
> 'geos::CoordinateSequenceFactory::create(int, int) const'
> /usr/local/include/geos/geom.h:993: note: candidates are: virtual 
> geos::CoordinateSequence* 
> geos::CoordinateSequenceFactory::create(std::vector<geos::Coordinate, 
> std::allocator<geos::Coordinate> >*) const

This appears to be new code but it does compile for me using geos/Ubuntu 
2.2.1, geos/Mac 2.2.3 and geos/Mac 3.0.0rc4.

Pehaps you have an older geos? Is
virtual CoordinateSequence *create(unsigned int size, unsigned int dims) 
declared in geom.h?


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