[Qgis-developer] Project Responisibilities and 0.9 Release

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Fri Aug 17 19:29:09 EDT 2007

On Friday 17 August 2007 14:24, you wrote:
> > I've not tried. Could you let me know what the compilation problems were?
> > I'm guessing that I've missed out a #ifdef _MSC_VER somewhere. I should
> > probably check it on Linux too. I'm currently in the middle of getting
> > Linux up and running on my laptop so that should be a good workout for
> > it...

> Then when I tried to remove CORE_EXPORT from defiintion of enum
> ENDIAN, qgsapplication.cpp compiled successfully. But then when
> compiling gui library I get another error qgsprojectionselector.cpp

I've removed it from the enum definition in my version of qgsapplication.h 
without any ill effect.

> In file included from
> c:\Martin\dev\qgis\src\gui\qgsprojectionselector.cpp:20:
> c:/Martin/dev/qgis/src/gui/../core/qgsapplication.h:73: error:
> function `static const QString& QgsApplication::prefixPath()'
> definition is marked dllimport.
> c:/Martin/dev/qgis/src/gui/../core/qgsapplication.h:76: error:
> function `static const QString& QgsApplication::pluginPath()'
> definition is marked dllimport.
> c:/Martin/dev/qgis/src/gui/../core/qgsapplication.h:79: error:
> function `static const QString& QgsApplication::pkgDataPath()'
> definition is marked dllimport.
> c:/Martin/dev/qgis/src/gui/../core/qgsapplication.h:82: error:
> function `static const QString& QgsApplication::themePath()'
> definition is marked dllimport.
> I haven't investigated further...

Not sure what's causing this. If you use the unpatched version of 
qgsapplication.h (dllexport entire class), does that work? You may need to 
remove the CORE_EXPORTfrom the four private static members at the bottom of 
the file. Bizarrely, this works fine for me. Previously I got various 
compiler errors when exporting the whole class.


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