[Qgis-developer] Windows native GRASS build

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Tue Jan 2 07:28:18 EST 2007


Yes thats a new build you tested with. I uploaded it I went to sleep
at 4am this morning. I was going to write a message when I woke up
saying the problem was fixed but looks like you beat me to it ! :-P
The version you have downloaded also has GRASS built with postgres
support. I was not able to test pg support at home - can someone give
it a try?

I'm hoping the version I uploaded last night


fixes all remaining issues so everyone interested in the Win build
please download it and test it out. Please note that the installer
offers to download sample data for you but you will need to manually
unzip the data in you Quantum GIS/SampleData dir since I couldnt yet
get NSIS to automate that.

I hope to put this version online on the main qgis 0.8 release page
later today so any issues found after that will have to get resolved
in a follow up bug fix release. I will also upload the msys
environment which contains everything you need to build grass for
windows msys later today.



On 1/2/07, Radim Blazek <radim.blazek at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/1/07, Tim Sutton <tim at linfiniti.com> wrote:
> > > > 2) When clicking on a tool inthe GRASS toolbox, I get a message like:
> > > >    "Warning: cannot find key output"
> > >
> > > Which module?
> >
> > *every module*
> >
> > Any ideas what can be causing that?
> I cannot get that message with
> http://qgis.org/uploadfiles/testbuilds/qgis_setup.exe
> (02-Jan-2007 06:29   44M).
> No idea, very strange. It was always working. The message means that
> parameter 'output' is missing in the XML description of GRASS module
> written out by a module run with --interface-description option.
>  You could try to run a module (in shell) with that option and check if
> the 'output' option  tag is in XML printed on stdout.
> Radim

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