[Qgis-developer] Preview2 tarball cannot be found and other issues

Emiliano Giovanni Vavassori testina at sssup.it
Sun Jan 14 19:22:19 EST 2007

Hi all,

Qgis-0.8.0-preview2 sources cannot be found on the previous location:
Where can I found pre2 sources, please?

I'm noticing that QGIS-related URIs are breaking too often: since I
maintain ebuilds for Gentoo systems, I need that sources will be
available at any time in the same place and I already fixed the ebuilds
three times (since the release of 0.7.4 version) for unannounced changes
of sources URIs and/or samples tarball. Is it so difficult to maintain a
tidy repository of *all* (or one-year-old to last) QGIS versions also
with a *versioned* samples tarball and linking to that repository for
downloading purposes?  There's no need for a release plan of the samples
tarball, only if someone updates it, also have to increase the version
number (and leave the older tarball public available).

The naming scheme of the tarballs (and the main directory contained in
it) is, at least, strange. Mixed uppercase and lowercase in directories
and files doesn't help, also. I would suggest to KISS (without the last
's'). qgis-Release-0_8-preview-2 may become: qgis-0.8.0-pre2, for

Thanks for the attention and I apologize if I was mean, I know you all
are doing the best for QGIS. Nonetheless, these little things are the
first that a new user will notice and they aren't so pleasant.
Emiliano Giovanni Vavassori - http://syntaxerrormmm.altervista.org/
GuIT --- Home page: http://www.guit.sssup.it/
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