Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 19:03:39 EST 2007

On 1/24/07, Magnus Homann <magnus at homann.se> wrote:
> So, I started make again, but on linking I got the "input line too long"
> error that Martin Dobias talked about on the cmake-list... :-) (I'm on
> Win2K)

In fact I haven't solved this issue. Instead I've only modified
CMakeLists.txt to behave better... Back then, when generating ui_*.h
files from *.ui files, these generated header files were also moc'ed
which was producing additional (useless) files. Later I've corrected
this so less files were to be linked and I got rid of the "input line
too long" problem - on my WinXP. Probably longest input line is
shorter on Win2K.

I guess only workaround is to use MSYS Makefiles - they should compile
things equally.

> Next step was using cygwin as shell (bash) and use "MSYS Makefiles"
> instead. That work for a while, until I got:
> [ 14%] Building CXX object src/core/CMakeFiles/qgis_core.dir/qgsline.obj
> [ 14%] Building CXX object src/core/CMakeFiles/qgis_core.dir/qgslogger.obj
> [ 14%] Building CXX object src/core/CMakeFiles/qgis_core.dir/qgsmaplayer.obj
> In file included from c:/Qgis-devel/qgis_trunk/src/core/qgsmaplayer.cpp:30:
> c:/Qgis-devel/qgis_trunk/src/core/symbology/qgssymbol.h:22:18: qgis.h:
> No such file or directory
> In file included from c:/Qgis-devel/qgis_trunk/src/core/qgsmaplayer.cpp:30:
> c:/Qgis-devel/qgis_trunk/src/core/symbology/qgssymbol.h:36: error:
> `QGis' has not been declared

Hmm... won't adding #include "qgis.h" to qgssymbol.h help? :-)


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