[Qgis-developer] Mac OS X build of HEAD

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Fri Jan 26 21:29:29 EST 2007

Gary Sherman wrote:
> I've compiled the latest SVN code (thanks to hints from Tom). I was able 
> to run the application by double clicking on it in Finder. I thought I 
> had read that this was not yet possible. Have these issues been 
> completely resolved?

This was fixed by r6426.

> I also noticed some display problems. The title bar text ends up down in 
> the map canvas area (see http://gisalaska.com/images/qgis_osx_display.png).

This first appeared with Qt 4.2. For qgis 0.8, it happens only when 
launching from the command line and will correct itself when a layer is 
added. For qgis 0.9, it happens both when double-clicking and launching 
from the command line; it does not correct itself.

The problem has something to do with the relationship of the overview 
canvas to something else; it may be the panning rectangle but I'm not 
sure. If you set the parent of QgsMapOverviewCanvas to 'this' in 
QgisApp::createOverview, the problem goes away. This is incorrect 
however and may cause some other problem in the future.


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