[Qgis-developer] New Translation Files for Qt Classes

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Sat Jan 27 01:40:31 EST 2007

Hi all,

I've added qt_*.ts translation files from the Qt distribution to the 
i18n directory. These files provide:

- Text for standard buttons (QDialogButtonBox context).

- Text used to adjust Mac menu locations (QMenuBar context).

- Text used in Open, Save and other standard dialogs.

For translated Mac menus to be displayed correctly, the About menu 
string in the QgisApp context must match the About string in the 
QMenuBar context, Exit must match Exit or Quit, and Options must match 
Config, Preference, Options, Setting or Setup. Either file can be edited 
as long as there is one match in each group; Qt does comparisons using 
these pairs.

All contexts in qt_*.ts are not used in QGIS so all do not have to be 
translated. At the minimum, QDialogButtonBox and QMenuBar should be 
translated. QFileDialog and QMessageBox are almost certainly used. 
Someone who regularly uses a translated QGIS should add other contexts 
to this list when they notice items that aren't translated and aren't in 

Qt provides files for Chinese, French, German, Russian, Slovak and 
Spanish (plus a few we don't use). These files are not always complete. 
They should be reviewed for the strings we need.

For other languages, we need to create the files ourselves. If anyone 
creates an additional file, they should consider submitting it to Qt for 
inclusion in a future Qt release.

Can a qt_*.ts for a new language be created by copying an existing 
language and clearing all the translated strings or should I add 
qt_untranslated.ts to svn? I added the QMenuBar context to the one 
distributed by Qt because it was missing.


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