[Qgis-developer] legend menu

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Wed Jan 31 19:43:02 EST 2007

Martin Dobias wrote:
> while resolving regressions in legend menus, I've realized that the
> popup menu is getting quite long. In menu we have:
> - zoom to layer extent
> - show in overview
> - remove layer
> - show attribute table
> - toggle editing
> - rename
> - properties
> Plus there are global menu items for handling the legend:
> - add group
> - expand all
> - collapse all
> - show file groups
> My idea is to remove these 4 items (which are not layer-specific) from
> menu and implement their functionality as small buttons with icons on
> top or bottom of the legend.
> Any objections / other ideas?

I'm not in favor of adding permanently visible controls because it takes 
away from content space. A row of buttons means one less row for layers.

If the controls could be implemented as a hidable toolbar, that would be 
ok because it could be hidden by those who prefer content space over tools.

Personally, I don't think the menu is too long, however, I prefer 
applications that are primarily menu controlled.

Ideally, it should be possible to use the application either way. On a 
Mac, there is a 'hide tools' control in the window title bar. Apple 
recommends designing applications so every command is on a menu 
somewhere but to also provide toolbars for those who prefer that style. 
Each user then decides whether space should be devoted to content or tools.

Perhaps there can be a preference item: "Layer tools are buttons/menus". 
Depending on the choice, the items are displayed as buttons or appended 
to the menu as they are now.

This is not an immediate goal but somewhere in the future, I wouldn't 
mind having the legend be a separate window. In this case, a legend 
toolbar would be the place for these controls.


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