[Qgis-developer] printing issues

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Jun 10 09:13:20 EDT 2007

Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> concerning printing issues (eg https://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/590,
> with labels and lines appearing too big in printing), I think the
> trouble is causes by some scaling factor the original print composer dev
> was forced to use because of a qt3 bug. Now with qt4 the scaling should
> no longer be necessary, and it is probably causing the problem.
> I do not think it should be too hard to fix it, and it would greatly
> improve the usability of qgis.

I second this. As of now, most printing functionality in QGIS 0.8.1
(current SVN) is cumbersome, so that producing a decent map takes much
time and knowledge about how to workaround the present bugs.

QGIS print composer has great potential, and I'm recommending it to
people who who want to print their GRASS data, also because there is no
alternative GUI map composer for GRASS data currently. However, I must
say that users I know complain about the QGIS map composer usability.

On [1] there are 348 votes for "Improved map printing/layout" - the
most wanted functionality, 16% overall. Is this realistic that the
known QGIS map composer bugs will be fixed in QGIS 0.9? How about 0.8.2?



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