[Qgis-developer] Custom raster drawing

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jun 12 10:51:35 EDT 2007

> But can't you just use the raster transparency branch to do this? The solution 
> there is not nice from a design point of view, as it adds just a new drawing 
> mode. But it should do for the short time.
> Load a raster, open the properties dialog, set 'Color Map' combo box 
> to 'Custom Colormap' and go to tab 'Colormap'. Then set number of entries to 
> 5, set 'Color interpolation' to 'Linearly' and press 'Classify'. Then double 
> click on the values to enter 0, 0.9, 0.95, 0.99, 1. Then double click on the 
> color boxes to set 0 to gray, 0.9 to gray, 0.95 to yellow, etc. and 
> press 'Apply'.

  Ah ha! This looks like what I need. I haven't checked that there's 
Python bindings so I can set this up from my plugin yet though...


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