[Qgis-developer] printing issues

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Jun 14 18:44:18 EDT 2007

Steven Bell wrote:
> I agree that the print composer is currently pretty cumbersome.
> Count me in for a "summer of code" to work on it!  I'll be
> relatively free for the next six weeks, so with some guidance I
> should be able to make a few useful improvements.


Great, just great news!

The problems in print composer I know about are:

1. line widths in the legend in the map composer happen to not
correspond to those on the printout
2. labels placement and size in the map canvas not always corresponds
to that in the map composer and printout
3. vector point symbols get rasterized in the printout
4. irregular letter spacing in the printout

Are you planning to fix them in the 0.8 too or 0.9 only?


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