[Qgis-developer] printing issues

Steven Bell botsnlinux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 11:17:25 EDT 2007

>>Would it be good to start fixing the existing bugs?
I plan to fix the current bugs first, as that alone would greatly improve
the print composer.  We'll see what I have time for after that, assuming I
even manage to fix most of the bugs.

>>Are you planning to fix them in the 0.8 too or 0.9 only?
I was assuming I would fix them for .9 only, but if others think it would be
better to fix them for .8.2, I can do that too.  Is there a release date
planned for .9?

It seems like most of the current bugs are related to scaling issues, which
are caused by the change from QT 3 to 4.  Is this correct?  Where do I need
to start, and how would I go about fixing the bugs?

I won't be starting on this right away, as I still need to finish my work on
custom fill styles.  Hopefully that will be done in a few days.
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