[Qgis-developer] printing issues

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sat Jun 16 08:21:16 EDT 2007

Steven Bell wrote:
> Maciej Siecczka wrote:

>> Are you planning to fix them in the 0.8 too or 0.9 only?

> I was assuming I would fix them for .9 only, but if others think it 
> would be better to fix them for .8.2, I can do that too.

I for one think that fixing these issues in 0.8 stable branch will be
much appreciated by business/production users. When I deploy QGIS for a
client who pays money I don't want to take chances with unstable 0.9.

What do others think?

Thanks again Steve for willing to look into this. All good luck!


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