[Qgis-developer] merging raster transparency branch soon?

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Tue May 8 12:30:47 EDT 2007


Yes the raster routines could use a lot more work.  I got involved 
because I wanted some basic stretching capabilities which were listed as 
available but not actually implemented and I have a little bit of time 
to contribute, then came the requests for the transparency capabilities ;).

Here is a link to the wiki page with a little more on what is being done 
right now http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/RasterTransparencyBranch

As far as helping, help is always welcome, but that is a questions that 
should be directed toward Tim. But here is my take on the current 
modification. I think the first step is to just get the basics covered 
and working again, then focus on really modifying the raster rendering 
routines more of the "way they should be" as a next phase. There is also 
a lot of interest in trying to integrate OSSIM into QGIS, which may in 
the end change the development direction considerable. However, I think 
one of the most important things is it getting QGIS to a stable release 
of version 1.0, so some additional changes/new ideas may be tabled by 
the lead developers to keep progress on track (again a topic more suited 
to be answered by Gary and Tim).

If there is a critical mass of raster contributers forming it may be 
good to have an IRC meeting sometime in the future to layout development 
plans and responsibilities, or at least a running list on the wiki.


Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> Peter,
>  is there anything I can do to help with raster drawing? I think I 
> tried writing a blog entry about it on blog.qgis.org but its been 
> throwing my blogs away as spam. Anyway, I did do some thinking about 
> this and had some ideas.
>  I looked at the current raster plotting routines and did think they 
> needed some serious work. Some functionality that I thought was basic 
> and obvious wasn't there. Is there a list of plans for raster plotting 
> somewhere?
> thanks,
> Barry

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