[Qgis-developer] QGIS crash on Mac OS X -- 0.8 release branch

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Mon May 14 00:05:43 EDT 2007

On May 13, 2007, at 10:20 PM, Tom Elwertowski wrote:

> William Kyngesburye wrote:
>> On May 13, 2007, at 2:07 AM, Gary Sherman wrote:
>>> I installed your (William's) GRASS 6.3-cvs package and now  
>>> everything seems to work.
>>> It did not work with the GRASS 6.2 package.
>> huh.  I wonder if just the version numbering is the key.  Just a  
>> thought, but if GDAL loads its grass 6.2 libs, then Qgis tries to  
>> load another set of 6.2 libs, the OSX linker may be trying to be  
>> smart and using one that's already loaded, but they're just  
>> different enough from what Qgis expects to cause problems.  But  
>> with Qgis+GRass 6.3, the linker sees 6.3 as different enough to  
>> load those libraries also.
> I found the problem. The path references in GRASS 6.2 libs have an  
> extra (non-existent) directory:
> /Applications/GRASS.app/Contents/Resources/grass-6.2.1/lib/ 
> libgrass_gis.dylib
> The libs in 6.3 don't:
> /Applications/GRASS.app/Contents/Resources/lib/libgrass_gis.dylib
I noticed the odd linking in your Qgis, but for some reason I didn't  
look at my GRASS build. (repeated whacking head on wall...)

> If I create the following link for GRASS 6.2:
> ln -s . /Applications/GRASS.app/Contents/Resources/grass-6.2.1
I did try this, but I got the symlink wrong.  (my head's a bloody  
pulp now...)

Time to rebuild GRASS 6.2...

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