[Qgis-developer] attribute map for renderer

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue May 29 10:05:31 EDT 2007

Barry Rowlingson wrote:

>  So I want to colour according to the ratio of two attributes. But in 
> the renderFeature method of my renderer class the feature attribute map 
> doesn't have all the attributes. Sometimes it has none, I've also seen 
> it with just one. 

  Martin D sent me the solution for this two seconds before I hit send. 
Is he psychic?

  I didn't think it could be a python binding problem, but it was. He 
fixed it (it was related to another python binding problem I had, but 
not in an obvious way) with a two-line patch.

  I should have this written soon, all it needs is a Gui. Is there any 
mechanism for renderers to supply gui components to the properties 
dialog? Is there a Renderer Registry so that the gui could get a list of 
all renderers? Or is this 1.0 stuff and beyond?


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