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marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Mon Apr 14 05:14:35 EDT 2008

Hi Tisham,
>Thanks for revamping the installer.
You're welcome
>Which Python modules did you include ?
I think I already replied that in the last mail.
>Could you please paste the nsi 
scripts somewhere, or are they in SVN already
When I'll reach a *definitive* NSIS version I'll send someone who has a write SVN access to do the job


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Hi Marco,

Thanks for revamping the installer. Please run a depends check using 
Dependency Walker to avoid problems like Gary is having.
Which Python modules did you include ? I was including PyQt4, SIP etc 
in a rather round about way.

May be we could include the Python bindings for some other popular 
packages like Gdal as well. I think FrankW wanted it at one point.

If you find a cleaner way that's great. Could you please paste the nsi 
scripts somewhere, or are they in SVN already. I only have the rc1 
branch checked out, is there going to be a RC2 branch.



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