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marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Mon Apr 14 05:20:24 EDT 2008

Hi Carlos,
yes, GDAL (1.5.1) is obvioulsy installed; at the moment it is configured as follows:
GDAL is now configured for i686-pc-mingw32

  Installation directory:    	/usr/local
  C compiler:                	gcc -g -O2
  C++ compiler:              	g++ -g -O2

  LIBTOOL support:           	yes

  LIBZ support:              	internal
  GRASS support:             	grass57+
  CFITSIO support:           	no
  PCRaster support:          	internal
  NetCDF support:            	no
  LIBPNG support:            	internal
  LIBTIFF support:           	internal (BigTIFF=yes)
  LIBGEOTIFF support:        	internal
  LIBJPEG support:           	internal
  LIBGIF support:            	internal
  OGDI support:              	no
  HDF4 support:              	no
  HDF5 support:              	no
  Kakadu support:            	no
  JasPer support:            	no
  ECW support:               	no
  MrSID support:             	no
  GRIB support:              	no
  cURL support (wms/wcs/...):	no
  PostgreSQL support:        	yes
  MySQL support:             	no
  Xerces-C support:          	no
  Expat support:             	yes
  ODBC support:              	no
  PGeo support:              	no
  OCI support:               	no
  SDE support:               	no
  DODS support:              	no
  SQLite support:            	yes
  DWGdirect support          	no
  PANORAMA GIS support:      	no
  INFORMIX DataBlade support:	no
  GEOS support:              	yes

  Old-gen python          	no
  SWIG Bindings:          	no

  Statically link PROJ.4:    	no
  enable OGR building:       	yes
  enable pthread support:    	no
  hide internal symbols:     	no
BTW, I think that ECW support could be included only in next releases, along with other requestes supports I'm still *collecting*.


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tisham at apogee.com.au escribió:
> Hi Marco,
> Thanks for revamping the installer. Please run a depends check using
> Dependency Walker to avoid problems like Gary is having.
> http://www.dependencywalker.com/
> Which Python modules did you include ? I was including PyQt4, SIP etc
> in a rather round about way.
> May be we could include the Python bindings for some other popular
> packages like Gdal as well. I think FrankW wanted it at one point.
In case gdal is included in installer, could it include ecw support? It
would really help me spread the use of qgis to some of my windows-user
> If you find a cleaner way that's great. Could you please paste the nsi
> scripts somewhere, or are they in SVN already. I only have the rc1
> branch checked out, is there going to be a RC2 branch.
> Regards,
> Tisham.
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