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Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Mon Apr 14 16:26:16 EDT 2008

Hi Jeremy,

Do you have a list of all supports for those binaries?
Adding supports is not so hard, using prebuilt binaries is so easy... But
having a complete control over binaries building all by youself (and so
controlling all the related parts, and update each library whenever you
want) is, IMHO, much powerful!
BTW, if we could use *prebuilt* bins that fit our *wishes*... Yes, it would
be fine to use them!
QGIS needs GDAL with latest GRASS support... and, sincerely, I really don't
know if it actually available.


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Hi Marco,

Now that QGIS has been moved over to the GDAL/OGR C-API why not just use the
standard win32 binaries from the OSGeo website: 


Those binaries also have plug-ins built for ECW, MRSID, PG, OCI and SDE.


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BTW, I think that ECW support could be included only in next releases, along
with other requestes supports I'm still *collecting*.

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