[Qgis-developer] Clipping symbols

Steven Bell botsnlinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 18:59:31 EST 2008

Can we all agree that instead a symbol with pointSize=10 should render a
circle with radius=5, a rectangel with side=10, a diamond with
*diagonal*=10 and a triangle with base and height=10. They will then all
have different areas.
I would vote for that.  When you specify a size in pixels, millimeters, or
map units, you expect the symbol to be that size, not some area-equivalent
size.  Note that an equilateral triangle (if that's what the symbol is meant
to be) will have a base of 10 and a height less than 10.  On a similar note,
some of the svg point symbols should be modified to fill the entire svg
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