[Qgis-developer] merging of advanced editing branch planned for 9.1.

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Tue Jan 8 20:55:41 EST 2008


As we spoke about on irc, if I stick with putting all of the properties 
code into the QgsRasterLayer, then I should be able to get that done on 
the 9th.  If the devs would rather see each class have their own 
read/writeXML function (which they eventually should), I will need 
another couple of days, but think I could have that done (properly) by 
the end of the weekend.

As for the merge, it should be quite easy as there are no other branches 
(that I know of) trying to adjust the various raster classes that I have 
been working on.


Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi Peter
> I'm happy to help you do the merge. Regarding the properties, will you
> have time to address that by the 10th?
> Regards
> Tim
> 2008/1/8, Peter Ersts <ersts at amnh.org>:
>> Hugentobler Marco wrote:
>>> @Peter ok for you to merge the raster transparency branch before feature freeze, maybe on 10th of January? If you don't have time those days I may do the merge if you prefer.
>> I don't have permission to merge into the trunk, so it will have to be
>> someone else.
>> If it has not been done already, I would like the steering committee to
>> review the branch just to make sure everything is on par with the coding
>> standards and that everything expected as been completed. Looking over
>> the wiki, I do see one thing that may influence the merge; all of the
>> raster properties are not yet committed to the project file.
>> -pete

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