[Qgis-developer] export raster values

Nicolas B. piklas at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 11:17:42 EST 2008

Thanks for your answer Tim.

I'm searching some concrete examples of QProcess used in Python. Anyone ?

Given that i setup a mapset in my python code and that i have a 'laymnt'
variable that sets the current raster layer to work with, how can i do that
in a proper way (doesn't work yet) :

self.start('r.out.ascii.exe', 'input=laymnt output=mnttxt')

Is it possible to pass grass comands directly in the string or must i use a
file with commands in it ?

my goal is too write x,y,z values of any loaded elevation raster in mnttx,
and then redirect this file to an other .exe that calculate atmospheric
dispersion according to local topography and  meteo input data.

Any ideas very appreciated.

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