[Qgis-developer] Building Qgis with MSYS

Magnus Homann magnus at homann.se
Fri Jan 18 04:38:48 EST 2008

Tisham Dhar wrote:
> Hi,
> I usually make the MSYS release builds. I use the recommended CVS
> branches and stable releases for all dependencies. I use GDAL CVS and
> Grass CVS 6.3RC3 tags. There are some issues with GDAL support on MINGW
> so the little 'sed' line hacks the libtool to work properly. Please let
> me know if you need help with any particular steps.

I build with cygwin and the old msys that timliunx suppplied. No hack 
necessary. Is there a reason for me to build in any other way?

Magnus Homann

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