[Qgis-developer] Postgis reading error since v0.9

Michaël Douchin michael.douchin at laposte.net
Fri Jan 25 04:16:30 EST 2008

Hi all,
I have a pbm loading data from postgis since the 0.9 version.
My postgis table :
CREATE TABLE import_parcelle
  wkb_geometry geometry,
  dat_loc character(10),
  heu_loc character(8),
  deb_dro numeric(5,2),
  deb_gau numeric(5,2),
  deb_tot numeric(5,2),
  vitesse numeric(5,2),
  altitude numeric(6,2),
  niv_cuv numeric(6,2),
  tempe numeric(5,2),
  humidite numeric(5,2),
  dir_ven numeric(5,2),
  for_ven numeric(5,2),
  evt_mac numeric(5,2),
  cod_pro1 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro1 numeric(7,2),
  cod_pro2 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro2 numeric(7,2),
  cod_pro3 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro3 numeric(7,2),
  cod_pro4 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro4 numeric(7,2),
  cod_pro5 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro5 numeric(7,2),
  cod_pro6 numeric(7,2),
  qte_pro6 numeric(7,2),
  operat1 numeric(7),
  operat2 numeric(7),
  operat3 numeric(7),
  operat4 numeric(7),
  "option" numeric(7),
  materiel numeric(7),
  code_uc character(3),
  serial serial NOT NULL,
  x numeric(15,2),
  y numeric(15,2),
  CONSTRAINT import_parcelle_pkey PRIMARY KEY (serial)

I can load the data, but the type and length of each column is wrong, as 
you can see here :
And then it is also impossible to use the column for rendering.

This pbm didn't occur in the 0.8 version.
Is it a known bug ?


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