[Qgis-developer] Qgis And libeay32.dll

marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Wed Jan 30 09:55:26 EST 2008

thank you all for bearing me with my massive e-mailing in the last days...
As I told you in the previous mail, I built and installed qgis 0.9.1; because I don't know what files need to be copied into qgis install directory, I decided to test the build adding c:\msys\local\ bin + lib and ...\grass-6.3.0RC4\ bin + lib into my path environmental variable; I launched qgis.exe, but it reports the following error:
procedure entry point X509_STORE_set_flags could not be located in the dynamic link library libeay32.dll
I read somewhere googling that could be a problem of libeay32.dll version used in postgresql; so I updated my msys environment installing latest pgsql release (the wiki suggests 8.2.4-1, while I downloaded and copied 8.2.6-1)... but I've got the same error! then I looked for libeay32.dll in my system and I found a lot of! is it possible that, not having the dll in its root and looking for it in %path% values it uses the wrong one? which is the correct dll, the one included in ..\msys\local\... by postgresql or the one in windows\system32?
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