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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Mon Jun 2 03:01:23 EDT 2008


 unfortunately June it's a messy month for me. I have my last 2 exams and
> Just to clarify a few basic points:
> - some money is available to support the partecipation of developers
> - I'm available for help with the organization, logistics etc.

Great. Hopefully we can keep things very simple so that its not too
much of a hassle for you.

> - A suitable place with internet connection may be available already

Can you give us a link / some details?

> - I'm not around from 13 to 28 June

I'm theoretically available all June but I think it might be a bit
optimistic to try to organise it for earlier in the month and also I
dont know how many others can attend earlier in the month.

> Looking forward to see us converging on a date!

I would suggest we use 20 - 27 June as a working period and see how
many can fit that week, or a part of that week. Once the data center
has recovered and our server is online again, I will add a table to
the wik page to let all potential attendees register what days they
may be around for.



> All the best.
> pc
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