[Qgis-developer] Mapserver Exporter Bug?

SiGSMEM bellemare.l at smem.fr
Mon Jun 9 07:30:36 EDT 2008

I had the same error as John and Mauricio on MacOSX Leopard.
Removing mapserverexport v.0.2 installed by the plugins explorer in
"$HOME/.qgis/python/plugins/mapserver_export directory" works for me. Thank
At least, it works for me now, which was not the case until then with
previous version of Qgis and all the other mapserverexport plugins found
(from 0.1 to 0.2 and all the fixes in between).
 It is a very useful tool, far more convenient than cartoweb or mapserver
which I can't make to run properly anyway (problems with configuration
files) or writing the mapfile by hand.
Then I encountered another trouble, now with localization.
I use QGIS in french, and mapserver_export crash whenever I choose a unit
with an accentuated character in the dialog box:
In french, cchoices for units are: "dd", "pied", "mètres", "miles",
"pouces", "kilomètres".

The mapserver export plug-in works with "dd", "pied", "miles", "pouces".

Unfortunately, I use the metric system (anyone ?).
So trying with "mètres" or "kilomètres" produces an error.

So, how can I make it use the unicode char that I need (8 bits ?) ?
How can I change these strings so to have "metres" instead of "mètres" ?

Here is the error:
line 91, in run
line 64, in setOptions
  print units, image, mapname, width, height, template, header, footer
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe8' in position
1: ordinal not in range(128)

- Laurent BELLEMARE -

MacOS 10.5.3
QGis 0.10.0
python 2.5.2
GRASS 6.3 (kyngchaos build)
mapserver 5.0.2

gsherman wrote:
> You should be using the latest mapserver exporter that is included in  
> QGIS, not the plugin from the repository. Most of the problems you  
> have encountered have been fixed in the latest version. Delete the  
> $HOME/.qgis/python/plugins/mapserver_export directory and test again.
> To avoid further confusion, I have removed the mapserver_exporter  
> plugin from the respository. I will soon be releasing a standalone  
> version of the exporter, complete with map preview and other features.  
> It contains a number of fixes and enhancements over the current version.
> -gary

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