[Qgis-developer] The improved Plugin Installer is ready

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Tue Jun 10 08:06:03 EDT 2008

>   Only if you think lime-green on a zebra-stripe grey table looks great!
> I just started the plugin and there were a lot of 'New' plugins in the
> repos, and so I had a huge block of bright lime-green - nearly put me
> off my breakfast! Now I've restarted it the plugins aren't flagged as
> 'new' anymore, just 'not installed', so the dialog is a bit tamer now.

I told it needs some faceliftings ;) So the green will be darker, the status 
labels will be replaced with icons and the "new" status will be disabled in 
case of the first time use (it should be done now, my fault). Glad to see 
these sugestions!

>   While I'm being critical (I'm saving the praise for later) the  
> Description fields are often way too long for the width of a screen.
> Where is this text coming from, because it's not the description()
> function in __init__.py which is usually short enough? I'd make that
> field in the dialog into the description() text and put the longer help
> text into a tooltip box that pops up on hovering.

This is given from the repo XML file. Exactly the same way, as it was in the 
old Installer version. Only if the plugin is available only locally (so is 
classified as an "orphan"), the desctipion is given from the module method. 
You're right, the module internal description is usually shorter, so I'll use 
it if available, thought I think the both descriptions might be the same...

Also the plugin name is rather rarely the same in the repository and in the 
module method, so for all installed plugins the Installer always use the name 
given from the installed module, not from the repo. The same is with 
mismatching version numbers. I think it's the most clear way.

>   But otherwise, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :)

thanks :)

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