[Qgis-developer] SoC Report: Homerange analyses in QGIS

John C. Tull john.tull at wildnevada.org
Fri Jun 20 11:59:36 EDT 2008


Thanks for the frequent updates on your progress. It all sounds very  
good. Bear in mind that Mac OS X issues might also arise. Feel free to  
contact me if you need some testing on that platform.


On Jun 20, 2008, at 12:19 AM, Anne Ghisla wrote:

> Hi all,
> this week I started working on the interface of the plugin.
> QtDesigner is very useful and well-documented, so I'm progressing  
> faster than I
> imagined :)
> I also set up the development environment (Eclipse with Python  
> plugin).
> Next week I plan to:
> - add the code of the interface into the plugin and let future  
> coustomers test it
> - learn more about the established conventions for QGIS, to perform  
> the best
> integration with the program.
> I'll also test the plugin on Windows, to check as early as possible  
> if there are
> any uncompatibilities.
> I'm not experiencing any substantial blocks.
> regards,
> Anne Ghisla
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