[Qgis-developer] new C++ plugin

Maxim Dubinin sim at gis-lab.info
Mon Nov 3 10:01:31 EST 2008

Tim, Marco - thanks for comments. Glad you like it.

I've put requests for symbology/coordinate system into our small
bugtracker. We'll work on that.

No problem with including in standard distribution of course.


Вы писали 3 ноября 2008 г., 2:44:53:

MH> Hi Maxim

MH> Wow, really great work. Otschen spassibo to Russia!

MH> A connection to the google world via plugin is a very good thing. I'd like to
MH> include the plugin into the standard distribution if that is ok for you and if
MH> you intend to do further development and maintaining of the code.

MH> @Tim: I suppose feature freeze also holds for plugins? In that case, inclusion
MH> could be done after version 1.0 is out.

MH> To the question C++ vs. Python: There is no 'official' rule which language to
MH> use for plugins. It's really up to the programmer, both have their pros and
MH> cons. 

MH> Some wishes for the future:
MH> Is it also possible to convert qgis symbology to kml? I think that would be
MH> very usefull. 
MH> And the automatic conversion of features from layer coordinate system to
MH> google coordinates (is it WGS84?) would be a real killer feature.

MH> Regards,
MH> Marco

MH> On Saturday 01 November 2008 04:22:58 Maxim Dubinin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does someone want to test our brand new QGIS plugin? It is C++ based,
>> so you need to copy it to plugins. This is part of the ongoing process
>> to develop a bigger one and our first try, so judge accordingly ;)
>> It adds two simple instruments, one tool is used to open the
>> coordinates of the click in Google Maps and other tool gets and open a
>> geometry from active layer in Google Earth. It is a handy tool for
>> quickly sending stuff from QGIS to GE, we're using ourselves quite a
>> bit.
>> If someone is interested, svn is here:
>> http://svn.gis-lab.info/qgis2google
>> Win version can be downloaded from here
>> http://gis-lab.info/programs/qgis/libqgis2googleplugin.zip
>> Still trying to figure out the best way to distribute stuff like this
>> for other OSes too, not much experience here.
>> Maxim
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