[Qgis-developer] No error on missing DISPLAY (qgis_unstable 9670)

strk strk at keybit.net
Wed Nov 19 05:22:55 EST 2008

I've finally succeeded in building qgis_unstable (rev 9670).

Now, when trying tor un it:

 $ src/apps/qgis
 $ echo $? # nothing shown...

Then figured DISPLAY was missing, exporting DISPLAY
I had a nice popup window telling me what the problem
was, and still returned 1.

It's common for graphical apps to give a nice and friendly
message on console when failing to connect to the display,
where should it happen in qgis ?

Also, trying to debug the issue (before figuring it was
the missing DISPLAY) I tried using QgsDebugMsg right on
entering 'main', but nothing showed up. Is there a command-line
flag to enable debugging ?


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